Luxury watches, like any other investment, are associated with risk. Strong historical returns are no guarantee that the market will continue in the same direction. Only buy portfolios or individual watches with risk capital. Neither UrHandleren Invest nor any other investment firm can predict with certainty the outcome of the market. All data presented on this site is our subjective experience of the market today, in past quarters, and years. We always encourage each client to seek professional advice regarding tax and VAT issues.

Should you wish to hold your portfolio privately whilst it is traded, for example, Holding funds, we recommend that you contact your accountant regarding the tax disposal of the portfolio.

UrHandleren ApS and UrHandleren Invest, as well as all other mentioned parties, cannot guarantee or otherwise avert risks in the market or what an exact portfolio may have of fluctuations. Trading is at the client’s own risk.

As part of UrHandleren ApS, UrHandleren Invest is subject to state-authorized auditing.

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