An investment with UrHandleren Invest is exposure to one of the least volatile markets. Watches historically prove to be high-yielding investments both in good times and when the crisis knocks. Watches have had strong upward curves during Covid-19, for example. Selected luxury watches thus have a lot in common with gold and its behavior in the market – although with a significantly higher return in luxury watches, historically speaking. If you choose Ongoing Invest, you are not only exposed to the market but benefit from UrHandleren’s “sales machine”, where we constantly ensure that your watches are offered in the market and new ones are purchased as the watches are sold.

UrHandleren Invest, part of UrHandler ApS, makes money on the sale of each watch for a given portfolio. We ensure that the watch is still offered at a market price including the investor’s profit (Ongoing Invest). UrHandleren Invest has no interest in selling the watch “too expensively” to the individual investor, as the watch will not be tradable in the market and new ones cannot be sold to the investor. Both parties are, therefore on the same side when it comes to offering the watches at competitive prices.

UrHandleren re-purchases the watch from the investor, while it is then sold to the final customer. This means that the watch retailer has secured a profit to cover the general warranty, administration, delivery, marketing, insurance, service, etc. of each watch. The client is only responsible for its purchase and sale price as in a simple commission sale.

No unforeseen costs will be charged to the investor on the individual watch. UrHandleren will pay for these expenses.

We operate in a highly liquid market. Our exceptional location in Denmark and certain other countries allow for a significantly larger inventory than we could ever finance ourselves. This means that we can choose between offering only, for example, 100 watches ourselves or letting our commission agents/investors have a share in the sales in return for being able to offer, for example, 500 watches on the market. Yes, our profit is of course less than if we did not have to “share” with the individual investor, however, it is still a lucrative business for us to share this profit with the 3rd party. Likewise, the investor also shares part of the risk since the stock is owned by the individual principal/investor.

We offer investors to meet with us at our offices in Aarhus and Copenhagen. Read more about the location and us here.

All watches are traded according to the VAT law §70, differential VAT. It is essentially the Danish version of margin schemes. Differential VAT always equals 20% of the gross profit on a watch. This means that a 5% mark-up, for example, leaves the investor with a 4% mark-up AFTER the differential VAT. Note, that there is no deduction for losses on trade with differential VAT. The watches are also not suitable for VAT export outside the EU, as VAT cannot be levied on the goods when the watches are traded under these rules. Differential VAT is used across European borders and exists in all EU countries. We refer you to your accountant for further advice in this area. It is also possible to discuss VAT implications with our accountant and bookkeeping department. This advice is between the investor and the accountant at their own expense and without our direct involvement.

No, legally the investor always sells back to us just before the sale is made to the end customer, thus the end customer and the investor are protected from liability in the transaction. The watch dealer assumes all responsibility for the functionality, warranty, authenticity, etc. of each watch to both the end customer and the investor.

Yes. In Ongoing Invest the termination period of the individual exposure is agreed upon. We recommend 12 months and thus a calm exit so that the watches can be sold at par value and preferably above. Faster exits can be agreed upon; however, we do not recommend entering the market only to exit the next quarter. Stack Away can be put back on the market whenever the customer wishes, and sales are settled within 10 working days after the end customer has traded the watch(es) in question. In many cases, UrHandleren will be able to offer to buy back the entire portfolio with a few days’ notice. However, we do not guarantee this, but we are happy to look at express exit options.

Yes. Just like any other investment, you can lose money on your watches when/if there is a correction in individual watches or even the entire market. We always aim to purchase portfolios that match the profile and ambitions of the individual investor. Should individual watches or the market as a whole, against expectations, experience a correction, it will be up to the investor whether to try to sell the watch cheaper in the market than first planned. In such a situation, the investor may experience a loss on the individual watch, and there is thus a risk associated with the exposure for him. (It should be said that we have never seen an investor lose money on his portfolio over a quarter) Watches are considered one of the safest instruments to be invested in. However, as with any other investment, there is no guarantee of loss. Read our disclaimer here.

Yes, our business and commission agreement is carefully reviewed before the trade takes place. The legal work is prepared and available. InterLex in Aarhus has taken care of our commercial agreements. The agreement is prepared and signed before the portfolio is purchased/created.

No. We do not see any hidden costs. As with any other business, bookkeeping, etc., costs can be expected. We can offer to store the watches for the individual investor if this is desired. A small fee is agreed here, covering vault management, space, and insurance. The solutions here are tailored to each client’s needs.

Yes. We currently offer portfolios in Ongoing Invest between 1-12 million. DKK. And in Stack Away between 2- 20 million. DKK. If you wish to commit to less than this, we will be happy to advise you and refer you to our end-customer business, UrHandleren.dk

The market has been extremely lucrative for the popular models. At the time of writing, all watches from Rolex, for example, that we sold to customers four years ago are worth more today second-hand than what they cost customers new back then. Countless models are even worth more than double today. There are also plenty of examples of watches on the market that have not been suitable for investment. Read more about our take on the market via the link below:

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We currently work with all clients who have signed up over the past six years. Virtually all clients have doubled, tripled, or further increased their exposure over the years. We know several of them are happy to speak to new (serious) potential clients. We are happy to establish this contact by arrangement, as well as there will be the opportunity to meet one or more of our clients during various gatherings that are regularly arranged at UrHandleren Invest. Please contact us for further information.

It has always been extremely important for us to create investment opportunities exclusively where the client has ownership of the individual watch. This means that should UrHandleren suffer a grim fate, the customer will be left with one of the world’s most tradable products. Through our online portfolio program, the client and any curator have constant visibility of the individual watch, where it is and in which box. Everything is numbered and under government supervision.

We can theoretically have a new investment client up and running in as little as three working days. Contact us with your specific needs and we’ll look to quickly have a timeline ready.

We offer Ongoing Invest and Stack Away.

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