Over the past ten years, we have seen a major development in the demand for luxury watches. A demand that would have influenced the supply of other commercially minded manufacturers, but which Rolex and Patek Phillipe, for example, have not been influenced by. For Rolex and Patek Phillipe, protecting their brand is more important than immediate profit, and therefore they are not affected by the expansion in demand.

When manufacturers choose to position themselves in the market in this way, it helps to create some consequences for consumers. Consequences that relate to the so-called waiting lists in shops.

For example, if you ask for a Rolex “Pepsi” or a Patek “Nautilus” in a high-street shop, you will be told that the waiting list is up to ten years if they take any more orders for the popular watches at all. Indeed, we believe that waiting lists are closed and abolished. We understand from our customers that high-street shops choose their customers carefully.

Indeed, the shops sell the watches primarily to relations in value-adding contexts. This could be, for example, about the location of customers. So, if you live in Copenhagen, you cannot necessarily buy your watch in Herning. If we were in the same situation as the high street shops, there is no doubt that we would have acted accordingly. Because when there is such a big difference between supply and demand, it is obvious to choose the customers that are most relevant for your own business.

If you are lucky enough to get on a waiting list, then in the vast majority of cases the price you are “given” in the shop will not be the same after the waiting period is over. This is because you will be subject to annual price increases by manufacturers during the long waiting period. Not only that, but you may not get the watch at all. Because who knows if you’ll be waiting in vain, as all models sooner or later go out of production.


At UrHandleren, it is important to us that you experience neither waiting lists nor extreme price increases over time. Therefore, we are transparent in our pricing, so there is a clear understanding of why you will experience a higher price with us than in the high street store. For example, your “Pepsi” at UrHandleren will cost three times the recommended list price you are presented with in-store. The reason is that when we go out and buy the watch back home, we outbid the EU market. Therefore, we must price accordingly, but in return, you will not be put on any waiting list, and you will not experience any further price increase.

But is the price at UrHandleren really reliable? Of course, it is. It is important to us that it is clear what our price is and what the list price is. We believe that we should look away from the list price and instead look at the second-hand value of the watch, as it is the same at the watch retailer and the high street shops. With demand having expanded over the last ten years, it is natural that we see a distortion in the market. A distortion that is not going to change any time soon. Today, watches are in demand like never before. They create value for end customers. And they have proven to be a safe haven for capital. At UrHandleren, there is ample opportunity to acquire an exclusive piece of craftsmanship that will quickly “add value”, even if purchased at market price.

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