Day-Date Olive Green

Ref. 228235 – A Glamorous Classic


Most watch enthusiasts are familiar with the Rolex Day-Date, of course. This is not only based on the fact that the model is one of Rolex’s most prestigious and iconic watches, or because it has been around for several decades, but the Day-Date has also been worn by many important CEOs, presidents, and great leaders, and is, therefore, a well-known model in the world of watches. Never has a watch been so significantly represented among the elite.

After six decades, the Rolex Day-Date is still a recognized and attractive watch. The watch has become synonymous with success and leadership. So, it was only natural that Rolex launched another Day-Date to mark the Day-Date’s 60th anniversary in 2016. Here, Rolex presented, among others, the Day-Date ref. 228235 in rose gold at Basel. There is no doubt that Rolex is a world-class manufacturer, and this was particularly evident during the launch of the new Day-Date watches. On the same day as the presentation of the anniversary watches, the beautiful watches were also available in stores, something not many brands manage to do as smoothly.


Since the first Rolex Day-Date launch, several US presidents have worn the iconic watch over the years, which is why the watch has been nicknamed the Presidential Watch.
The 18-carat rose gold watch along with the olive-green dial contribute to the extraordinary presidential look that the watch must be said to have. Green is an important color for the Rolex brand identity and is often seen in connection with major anniversaries. The rose gold and olive-green color combination create an interesting contrast. And if you wear this elegant piece of wearable art on your arm, everyone will notice it when you enter a room.


There is no doubt that yellow gold is the most used material when it comes to classic presidential watches. But there is a shift underway, and the color Everose gold, Rolex’s own rose gold, is now getting more attention. The yellow gold color is, of course, still a classic and highly sought after, most would say the color is the king of the various gold tones. It has a beautiful luster that white and rose gold cannot compete with. But in the last decade, rose gold watches have been flying off the shelves at a rapid rate. Rose gold, on the other hand, has a more understated and quieter look, but at the same time exudes extravagance that most watch enthusiasts love.
Ref. 228235 is available in rose gold or white gold, with the strap and hour markers, respectively, available in 18-carat rose gold.


Rolex always makes a point of not compromising on the original designs when updating the distinctive models. The Day-Date 40 is no exception. As for ref. 228235, the watch still offers the same elegance and ravishing expression as the other Day-Date 40 watches. The fluted crown and the weekday function are important features of the Day-Date models. Therefore, it is naturally also present in the anniversary model 228235.

The Rolex 228235 olive green is endowed with Roman numerals. Although several watch enthusiasts will usually complain about this, there is no doubt that the watch’s Roman numerals, on the olive green dial, add that extra something that an anniversary watch should have. When you get up close to the dial, the Roman numerals almost resemble small sculptures, giving a 3D look to the beautiful dial. The numbers vary in color, creating a perfect depth in the dial.’


The Rolex Day-Date 228235 is equipped with a new movement, 3255, which meets the new standards of the Rolex Superlative Chronometer, where the swing precision must be -2/+2 seconds per day. The movement is updated with 70 hours power reserve, which has replaced the old 48 hours power reserve. Although the 3255 movement is not the most complicated movement available in the watch industry, it is certainly one of the most reliable mechanical movements, changing both the date and the day of the week at midnight.
The classic Day-Date 228235 in rose gold suits most skin tones, but is particularly suited to cooler skin tones, which is why we see the rose gold color becoming so popular in Scandinavia. This anniversary watch carries an elegance that suits most occasions.

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